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Pilot Experience:

Robert Griscom is a former FAA Accident Investigator and Aviation Safety Inspector.  Rated in Small Airplanes  and in Jet Airliners as well as in Gliders and Balloons, he has more than 40 years and 25,000 flight hours experience as a professional pilot, including four years as chief pilot of “The Caroline”, the Convair-Liner owned and operated by the family of President John F. Kennedy.

Aircraft Accident Investigations:

As an Aircraft Accident Investigator during his 25 years with the FAA, Robert Griscom personally conducted over 400 Aircraft Accident Investigations, either as the Investigator In Charge representing the National Transportation Safety Board, or as the FAA’s Flight Operations Specialist. Those Accident Investigations included the 1978 Pacific Southwest Airlines mid-air collision at San Diego,  the 1980 Aero-Mexico mid-air collision at Cerritos, CA., and hundreds of aircraft accidents in smaller aircraft.

FAA Violations and Enforcement:

During his tenure at the FAA, Robert Griscom ivestigated thousands of public complaints alleging violations of the Federal Aviation Regulations and the ensuing FAA Enforcement Actions.  Since 1991 he has been a member of the Legal Panel for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, engaged in the defense of FAA Enforcement or Violation Action against AOPA Members.

Aircraft Purchase and Sales Agreements:

Mr. Griscom has helped numerous aircraft owners and pilots prepare aircraft purchase or sales agreements, which have avoided “Buyer’s Remorse” disputes. For those who did not have the benefit of a solid Aircraft Sales Agreement, Mr. Griscom has assisted buyers and sellers in the resolution of disputes after the sale.

Other Aviation-Related Legal Services:

Robert Griscom has provided Legal Services in many other areas related to Aviation, such as the formation of Small Corporations or Limited Liability Companies to hold title to their aircraft; or to successfully defend against Public Nuisance lawsuits brought by wealthy landowners afrer hot air balloons overflew private property.

Aircraft Appraisals:

Lending Institutions, Insurance Companies, and Probate Courts demand accurate Aircraft Appraisal Reports when ownership of an aircraft passes from one entity to another. Mr. Griscom has been engaged in the Appraisal of Aircraft  since 2001, using the processes developed by the National Aircraft Appraisers Association, and the Uniform Standards For Professional Appraisal Practices developed by the U.S. National Appraisal Foundation.  He has accurately appraised single aircraft as well as fleets, large turbo-jet engines, aircraft parts and inventories.