Check out some of our past cases:

Defective Galley Cart Lift

Flight attendant was injured when a B-747 meal cart lift malfunctioned causing serious head and shoulder injuries. Airline only offers workmen’s comp. Settlement: Client settled during trial for $2.5 million.

Mid-air Collision
Mid-air collision in Class D Airspace. Both aircraft were following instructions from the air traffic controller. Aircraft collide resulting in the death of all occupants of both aircraft. FAA claims that the pilots failed to exercise vigilance under the “see or be seen rule.” Client, mother of deceased CFI, claims controller negligence. Settlement: FAA pays $1.5 million to heirs of the CFI and student.

Helicopter Sight-Seeing Crash
Insurance company refused to pay the $1 million accidental death policy when husband was killed in a sight-seeing helicopter crash. Insurance company used the excuse that the flight was “not a regularly scheduled common carrier” flight. Judgment: The helicopter sight-seeing flight met the policy requirement of “regularly scheduled common carrier.” Payment to widow: $1 million.

Helicopter v. Corporate Jet Taxi Accident
Gulfstream IV taxied into turning rotor of a Bell 206. Rotor sliced off G-IV winglet with substantial damage to the Bell helicopter. Settlement: for helicopter owner: $200,000.00.

Early Gear Retraction on Rental Aircraft
Renter pilot retracted landing gear during takeoff. Aircraft settled back onto runway causing structural damage, prop strike, engine teardown and loss of use for the rental aircraft. Settlement: for our client $14,400.00.

Fuel Starvation
First flight of helicopter after maintenance. Mechanic said helicopter was fueled. Engine failed at 200 feet due to fuel starvation. Client had to auto-rotate helicopter to ground, impact caused substantial damage. FAA wanted to suspend/revoke pilot certificate. Settlement: “no action” against our client.

DUI History
FAA refused to give our client a medical certificate on account of two DUI’s from the past. Settlement: FAA agreed to reinstate medical certificate.

Turbine Overhaul, Lear Jet Air Taxi
FAA demanded engine overhauls at 1200 hours. Settlement: FAA rescinded demand and agreed to overhauls at 6000 hours with hot section inspections at 3600 hours.

Deadbeat Aircraft Partner
One partner refused to pay his share of the operating costs, while the remaining three partners were going broke paying his share. Deadbeat refused to let them buy him out. Settlement: Our clients were able to buy the non-paying partner out of his share of the aircraft minus his debt to the partnership.

Falsification of Pilot Certificate
Learjet pilot falsified a Citation type rating on his pilot certificate. Settlement: We were able to get our client a one year suspension of his certificate rather than jail time, 18 USC 1001.

Inadequate Entry in Aircraft Log
An aircraft mechanic was accused of intentional falsification of aircraft logs. FAA demanded revocation of his mechanic’s certificate. Settlement: At hearing, found to be not-intentional, sanctions reduced to 60 day suspension.

Gear Up Landing – Renter Liability
A “renter CFI” lands our client’s aircraft gear up while demonstrating skills to three prospective students. CFI refuses to pay deductible. Judgment: for our client for $100,000.00.

Defective Materials
Client restores a fabric aircraft and paints it. The finish coat and dope peel off in flight. FAA charges him with a violation of FAR 43, seeking a 180 day suspension of his A&P certificate.   Upon our investigation, it was found that the factory had sent out a bad batch of dope. Settlement:   Case dismissed.

TFR Violation
Air Traffic Control alleges violation of a Temporary Flight Restriction by our client.   Our investigation revealed that the pilot was receiving radar vectors from approach control. Settlement:  Case dismissed.

CFI Endorsement Responsibilities
Student pilot on solo cross-country to a private pilot check-ride deviates from the planned route, encounters IMC weather and crashes fatally. FAA claims our CFI client was in violation when he used the phone to release the student on the flight rather than doing it in person. FAA demands revocation of his CFI certificate. Settlement: Our client received a suspension of his CFI for 30 days.

FBO installed Bogus Parts
Helicopter needed Turbine Overhaul. Repair Station installed illegal surplus military turbine. Turbine would overheat before developing full power. Repair Station refused to locate and install difficult-to-find civil turbine, claiming overhauled surplus was OK. At trial, our client was awarded more than $35,000 damages plus costs.