Practice Areas

  • Aviation Lawyer
    Provides legal services dealing with Aviation, such as, Aircraft Accident Investigations and Litigation, FAA Enforcement Defense, FAA Medical Certification issues, Aircraft Maintenance disputes, Aircraft Acquisition and Ownership, Defending Aviation Businesses in Nuisance Lawsuits; and any other Aviation-Related Legal Matter.
  • Aviation Law
    Encompasses Local, State, and Federal Laws and Regulations governing the Operation and Maintenance of Aircraft; Personal Injury; Contracts; Sales; Agency and Employment Law; and Aviation Business Organizations.
  • Litigation
  • Legal Defense and Settlement Negotiations of disputes arising from Aircraft Accidents; FAA Enforcement of Federal Aviation Regulations; Owner-Maintenance Disputes; any Other  Disputes related to Aviation.
  • Contracts
  • Purchase and Sale of Aircraft; Aircraft Leasing Agreements; Partnership Agreements; Limited Liability Company Membership Agreements; Hangar Leasing Agreements; Other Agreements – all related to Aviation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Purchasing an Aviation Business; Selling an Aviation Business;  Shares or Memberships.
  • Labor and Employment
  • Employment Contracts; Labor Law Disputes; Workers Compensation
  • Aircraft Appraisals
  • Fair Market Value reflects what an aircraft may bring on the open market. Lenders need an accurate Appraisal of the Aircraft’s Value;  Probate Courts need an accurate Appraisal when distributing the assets of an Estate; Purchasers need an accurate appraisal to avoid overpayment.